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Archive - AFTER 11 YEARS, MZ SHORTY P IS TAKING "SHORTY" OUT ?!??!?!?? (May 10, 2008 )

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Yes, Mz Shorty P has been known in the industry and in society as Li'l Shorty since 1997, Shorty and Shorty P since 2004 and Mz Shorty P as of 2007. Well, as people rise up and take what's not theirs, so must the original Shorty. Notice all these Shawty Lo's, Shawty Put's, Li'l Shorty, Shorty Red, and even Shorty P. She must separate herself.

Only, Shorty found a name that will suit her to the fullest. As woman of Arab descent, Shorty realized that her heritage of Syrian roots have the history of Trading. Those in this category were the bind (other than the Moors.. who were also many of Syrian backgrounds) between the French, Portuguese, and Spanish and why they are very similar in appearance and culture. BUT, she also realized her people were once Egyptian.

As you may notice, Shorty Produkshins and Mz Shorty P have always showed love to the Egyptian culture for it's elegance and the pride of her Arab blood. She has always been captivated by such, even naming her pets after goddesses and gods of Ancient Egyptian society.

Well, as pop culture devoured her only Americanized titling and name, Shorty decided to go full blown into her roots. She also realized that the age of 22 has brought her many successes, changes and has evolved her into a new woman. She is no longer a child, yet she is still a beautiful, elegant young woman full of sass and class. She has found the name that will suit her, yet YOU will have to wait for the unveiling! STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT THE NEW NAME OF MZ SHORTY P!!!!!!

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